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Wines and Oils, Sincere and Authentic

Our Lands, our Love.

The splendid hills of Penne, in the heart of the Abruzzo, serve as background to Tenuta De Melis, which since 1905 takes care of its land. Vineyards and olive groves fed with passion and love, respecting nature, with the only aim of offering you its most precious assets: our wine and our oil.


The De Melis family has begun its wine-making tradition in 1905, passing dedication and passion for the earth on through generations. Tradition evolved in 1999 when the result of the now secular experience in vineyards gave birth to wine, a squeeze of commitment, technique and passion. The farm is today in the beautiful rural Abruzzo region, in the historic city of Penne, an ancient capital halfway between the Adriatic coast and the massive Gran Sasso. A paradise immersed in nature and intriguing history, and just where history meets tradition, the Tenuta De Melis estate enhances regional products, respecting local flavors and scents. Everything is produced within the family, just like it used to be, bringing together an ancient art with a young knowledge.

Our Land.

Our land extends to three districts, Penne, Rosciano and Loreto Aprutino, all in Pescara’s territory, and they’re worldwide known for their viticulture vocation.
Location, exposure, soil type, climate, temperature, thermal excursions … are all the features that give Tenuta De Melis wines a strong taste with intense aromas.
The company cultivates varieties that are very typical in the region.
Montepulciano d’Abruzzo is characterized by its strong and distinctive taste, suitable both for the production of a young and ready-to-drink wine, as well as for an aged wine of great quality.
Trebbiano d’Abruzzo, the wine of ancient soldiers, recalls the historical tradition of the time.
Moscato is an aromatic vine, particularly suitable for the production of semi-dried grapes wine (vino passito) and sparkling wine. The pecorino is characterized by its extreme elegance and intense character, coupled with the amazing maturation and refinement ability that lasts for many years.
Color, taste and fragrance distinguish our product, and blend with the genuineness and sincerity of our family.

Our Philosophy.

In enchanting Abruzzo the De Melis family carries on a tradition passed down to generations with a well-defined philosophy: passion, dedication and respect for nature. All the processings, all the steps are accomplished in full respect of Mother Earth, who honors us with its fruits every year. Cordiality, human warmth and hospitality here are masters, distinguishing marks we find expressed in “sincere and authentic” wines. The estate’s wines, born from our vine and handwork, are produced in the most natural way possible, trying to preserve all the properties that nature gives us each year. All the hints of land, culture and agricultural tradition sprinkle in our wines.

Our Products.

Our Contacts.

We are passionate about providing you with a wide range of fresh.
Azienda Agricola TENUTA DE MELIS
di Carmine De Melis
P.IVA 01548460680

C.da San Pellegrino,91,65017 Penne (PE) - Italy.

0858 289270